Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY Sugar Scrub

A few weeks ago I went on a mission to find an easy DIY sugar scrub. Well, I think I found a good one! I made this one for K8 at the office and she loved it. I gathered all of my ingredients and headed outside. I wanted to enjoy the glorious weather while I still could (plus this can get a bit messy). I also packed the scrub in a cute little mason jar. I am such a big fan of these jars and give them as gifts when possible. Just mix 1 part sugar (or salt) to 1/2 part olive oil. Add a few drops of smelly oil and soap dye and your done. You will have to stir up the mixture before each use as the oil will rise to the top of the jar. It is perfect for hands and feet. Warning: If you use this scrub on your tootsies, please make sure that you rise the tub really well. It is super slippery! I keep some at my kitchen sink. Love it!


  1. YES! I was just thinking about this and dreading scrolling through my twitter backlog. Thanks again!

  2. Me too!! haha I love Rachel Zoe!

  3. and by the way I loved meeting you at the IFB!! I now follow you:)