Sunday, April 3, 2011

Before & After: Shabby Chic Mirror

Oh how I love a good Before & After! It actually felt like spring today so I decided to take advantage of the amazing weather and dive into some of the projects that I had been putting off until the weather was nice enough to get outside. The hubs and I are in the process of a few home improvement projects and one of them is to knock out the wall in between our kitchen and living room, which now houses 5 large mirrors. The question at hand is what do we do with all of the mirrors? I decided to take one of them and change it up a bit so that it might fit into our guest room (think grey, white and bright yellow floral). It didn't take much time at all. I didn't even prime the mirror (which maybe I should have). I chose a spray paint that was suitable for metal and used painters tape and my fave magazines to section off the mirror part. I was super excited to find a use for my old mags. I get just about every publication under the sun (for work purposes of course). You can find them at my desk, in my car and strewn around my house. Good thing we recycle. Anyways- here is my before, during and after. Hope you like! Now I just have to find happy homes for the other 4 mirrors.


  1. Pretty much heart this since we just bought our first home and I have mighty mighty plans for the master bathroom A new mirror is def on the list!!

  2. Came across your blog by accident, glad I did so many neat things! Thus far this mirror is my fave!